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ELECTRA 2.9.5 update

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Autorouting Techniques/ Using ELECTRA with Protel






ELECTRA Shape-Based PCB Autorouter

Adaptive Shape-Based Autorouting technology
DSN format compatible
Handles Complex Rules Hierarchy

Low cost of Ownership

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is offered as the high-performance routing solution by 10
PCB CAD companies and represented by over 20 distributors around the world

Customer Testimonials
Pat Nystrom, Nystrom Computer Engineering
"I am very impressed with both the ELECTRA router and your support. In my opinion, ConnectEDA  is poised to take a major portion of the router market. 
I have used many autorouters, including SPECCTRA, and ELECTRA definitely is a strong product! The speed of the router is just amazing, and ELECTRA allows a designer to perform "test routes" to check for proper placement with almost no time investment"

Bob Ross, theMusicNode
"I have been using ELECTRA for about 4 weeks now. I have had very good luck using this router, and am very pleased with the product as it stands. The tools runs well, is very stable, is affordable, and produces great results. Glad to be part of the ELECTRA user community"

Frank Frank, Accelerated Designs, Inc.
"I am happy to be using the ELECTRA router in my production environment at Accelerated Designs. I was impressed how smoothly ELECTRA accepted my DSN and DO files. And the clean looking final route was really neat! This tool goes a long ways toward providing an effective autorouter at a cost where  even a small shop can easily afford to have several seats."

ELECTRA in some large Companies
Airbus, Bosch, BMW,
Electrolux, Epson, Fairchild,  Flextronics, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kyoritsu, LG-Electronics, Lotus Cars, NASA, Pioneer, Renault, Seiwa, Sharp, Sony, STMicroelectronics, Volkswagen, ...



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